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a recorder app for musicians

Empowering musicians and songwriters

As musicians the voice recorder on our smartphones has been one of our closest friends since you can use it to record ideas for new songs. It works as a scrap book for music so that we never forget a cool idea.

Voice recorders are great, but they also suck.

That's why we're making Jambuddy, a smartphone app tailored for musicians to boost the creative songwriting process.

Get ready for frictionless songwriting

Jambuddy offers a beautiful voice recorder which lets you capture your ideas in no-time.

Finally it's super easy to organise your precious ideas with our brilliant archive system.

Your creative moments are safely stored in the cloud with our seamless backup system.

Develop and collaborate on each other's ideas with our super efficient sharing mechanisms.

Meet the Team

Trym Westbye Syversen

Musician & Co-founder

Erlend Kartvedt

Musician & Co-founder

Daniel Kumar

CEO & Co-founder

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